About Us: The History and Future of Byte Software Services, LLC

apparel software, apparel erp, apparel sourcing, piecework payroll, BYTE Software Services, LLC The company that has grown into Byte Software Services LLC, a preeminent Manufacturing Software Provider, was founded in 1976. The original company began as a supplier of incentive payroll software to the apparel and sewn products industry. As the number of clients increased and became more diverse, the software was continually refined and enhanced. In this way, BYTE grew to become the acknowledged leader in this specialized category.

With the encouragement and support of its wide ranging customer base, the software grew over the years into a complete and integrated business system. Today, BYTE offers all the necessary tools to control, manage and grow a company in today’s very competitive atmosphere. Byte's systems are scalable from small cut and sew operations to multi-plant international organizations.

From Payroll, to Shop-Floor Control, to Raw Materials, to Sourcing, to Customer Order Management and Distribution, Byte Software Services is prepared to meet the challenges presented in today’s business world. Our PC based Windows system merges the newest software techniques with the latest IT technology to harness the power of the Internet.

BYTETIME™ and BYTEDASH™ are the latest additions to our suite of products that bring the latest technology to bear in our effort to collect and display real-time data in a focused presentation, wheather that be at the operator, supervisor or management level, on the workbench, the office desk, your laptop or your cell phone.

BYTE has hundreds of installations that are located in 17 countries. All the products are available in English, Spanish and Turkish. The trilingual Support Department at Byte provides the outstanding service that has long been Byte’s hallmark.

We are sure that our next 40 years of service will prove to be as professionally rewarding as our first 40. Please contact us so we can begin to work with you to conquer the complex issues that confront you daily.

BYTE is more than a database collecting tool, the integrated solutions we have built, turn this data into information to communicate to our clients at all levels what is happening. This is provided in the form of efficiency and productivity levels, multi-database payrolls, with Real-Time productivity and biometric time and attendance systems.

BYTE’s continuous goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and to team with them to provide knowledgeable information and integrated data to make better decisions. While our full software solution is fully integrated; separate, smaller solutions are available in different areas of the Supply Chain as well as through different Business Models. Our software solutions are modular, allowing our clients to build onto their system as their company grows through extended solutions as well as enhancements. Just as the “byte” is the beginning base in technology data storage, we provide the base solution for our clients. BYTE … The Building Block to Stronger Business Solutions.