Piecework Payroll Shop Floor Control

Cuts and Bundle Tickets

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Only one "Bundle Tag" per control for our Real-Time Shopfloor or one coupon per operation for our batch system. Mix or match they are all integrated. BYTE’s Shopfloor Control family of products is a pre-requisite for the apparel piecework payroll module. Both the Real-Time and the Batch system manage operation, style and cut information to print bundle ticket(s) for part identification. Shopfloor has the functionality built-in to handle single plant configurations as well as central cutting / remote sewing sites and has the ability to print bar-coded Bundle Tickets or QR Bundle Tags which will allow your company to expand into work-in-process (WIP) Tracking, Piecework Payroll (PAC), (GIS) Group Incentive and statistical quality control. These programs form the core of Byte's Apparel Software Suite. In an Apparel Industry Magazine poll Byte's piecework software ranked #1.
Manage Rates and Styles with the built-in processes and updates to base rates, standard allowed minutes or rates at the style and cut levels. Identify Routings by setting up individual labor routings by style so that if equipment, base rates or methods change by plant or contractor, styles can be set up for each specific function. Flexible Bundle Ticket Formats using either the five standard formats or utilize the customizing tools to create your own. Verify bundles in a cut using the bundle check-off list to match bundles coming off the spreading table.
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