apparel Inventory,
                 raw material inventory, piecegoods inventory, finished goods inventory


Like a pyramid, cost accounting is built from the ground up. And that means, in the case of our Cost Accounting module (CCA), the data details come from the Payroll Modules (PAY & LCM), Statistical Quality Control (CIA) or the ERP functions Raw material Inventory modules (RIC & PRM) inherent in the day to day operation of Byte's software To track defect and cost for contracts, cuts or styles it is merely required to include a contract or account # on each cut. Direct standard labor and material are tagged on all work records and included in our transaction history data. Off Standard cost as well as indirect labor may be assigned to an individual contract or style or apportioned by a variety of accounting methods. When deployed with Byte's Real-Time Option the precision is down to the bundle level. A valuable option in Byte's Apparel Industry suite of Apparel Manufacturing Software.

  • One time setup per contract or style setup
  • Multiple cost per contract or style with date range for each cost
  • Provides Government required reports
  • Select specific contract for each off standard transaction
  • Accounting Journal Exports
  • Eliminates manual data entry for production
  • Eliminates Operator error in contract selection
  • Eliminates manual data entry in payroll department