Product: Costing and Merchandising Software

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apparel software, shop floor control, apparel erp, apparel costing, Costing and Merchandising Apparel Costing and Merchandising (CAM) is an integral part of Byte's Apparel Software Suite. It along with MODSEW for setting Rates provide a powerful quoting, estimating, specifications and training tool for apparel manufacturing and/or distribution enterprises. CAM draws upon information already residing in the Byte Database to assist, Engineering, Sales or apparel sourcing efforts with accurate and rapid compilation of materials and labor factors connected with all elements of a style. CAM manages the data that is the foundation of Apparel ERP management.
That are essential to effective Apparel Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.

  • Shortens lead time: Speeds completion of price quotations.
  • Trustworthy information fast: Constant updating with easy look-up capability means decision power at your fingertips.
  • Get the business you need: Helps you win borderline bids and avoid losers by knowing exactly what it will cost your plant to produce a style.
  • Reduces Bill of Material (BOM) administration: One BOM for a style serves for multiple colors and sizes
  • Begin production faster: Streamlines purchasing, since BOM is already drawn up during the estimating phase.
  • Improves labor management: Provides maximum lead time to anticipate hiring and training needs.
  • Integrates costing with updated material and labor costs: When a labor rate or material rate is changed, costing of all styles affected is automatically updated.
  • Complete information package: Visual representation of components combined with operational, material, labor information shortens learning curves at start of production.
  • Enables direct entry of cost data for each variation of garment.
  • Buld Style by COMPONENT
    • Body 1
    • Pocket 101
    • Collar 3655
    • Placket 33
    • Sleeve 8744
    • Packaging 33
    • etc.
  • Runs statistical analyses instantaneously.
  • CAM can pull data from its own BOL & BOM or the Byte Database, built by MODSEW©, Piecework Software (PAC) , or Raw Material Inventory Control .
  • Maintains material and trim cost and rate data automatically and constantly.
  • Math modeling template allows storage of standard efficiencies by plant, style, efficiency factor, production run size, overhead.
  • Burden, design requests, marketing overhead, or special customer requests.
  • Builds specification sheets fast with easy look-up capability.
  • Enables addition or modification of items in the database without changing programs.
  • Tools for drawing sketches of parts, operation techniques workplace layouts, components, bills of materials, trim features styles.
  • Integrates graphics and text on the screen - brings together pictures and detail specifications in one record.
  • Sketch generation by mouse or digital capture via scanner.
  • Sketches may be edited or scaled at any time.
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