Piecework Payroll


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BYTE’s Human Resource Software (EMS) enables managers in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry to connect their Incentive Payroll Software (PAY) and Time and Attendance System (TAS) with the employee records. This allows a Paperless Payroll with all of the associated benefits.

Through working closely with our clients, we have expanded the amount of data stored in our system. Our clients now have the ability to store emergency contact information, employee dependent information, job titles, employee history, verbal and written warnings and on the job accidents. Connected with the biometric clocks, employee clock-in and clock-out times are automatically stored, employee identification is made immediately, strengthening the security and improving real-time monitoring of employee attendance and productivity. Clients who integrate these systems realize immediate improvements in efficiencies as well as lower labor costs. Through using the custom Points System, Human Resource Managers are able to better manage and analyze attendance and efficiency levels. Employee incentives are important, and rewarding those who proactively strive to do well establishes a happier and more effective labor force. Also, by being able to record verbal and written warnings, documentation is in place to effectively monitor and proactively establish accountability and expectations. This solution is integrated into wireless hand-held devices that give Shop Floor and Production Supervisors and Managers real-time attendance data immediately so that precise and immediate planning and decision-making can take place