Incentive Payroll

The World's Best Piecework System also has a World Class NET PAYROLL OPTION with:

    • Gross Pay Calculations
    • Deductions
    • Taxes
    • Disbursement
      • Checks
      • Direct Deposit
      • Check Card Funding
    • Vouchers
      • Checks Stub
      • email
      • Employee Data Station
  • Quarterly Tax Reports 941
  • Annual Tax Reports W2s
  • Executive Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Integral Time and Attendance

Executive Payroll System (EPS)

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apparel software, piecework payroll, everify, apparel payroll,Employee Management System PDF,
                    Executive Payroll System The Executive Payroll Software System (EPS) is Byte’s integrated gross-to-net payroll system for executive and other employees, separated from hourly and/or production employees paid by Incentive Payroll , where confidentiality is important. Byte offers unlimited confidential payrolls with the EPS option. Payroll can be set-up to handle single plants to multi-plant central payroll configurations. The Executive Payroll module prints payroll checks, handles direct deposits, and keeps track of payroll history & cost history. Your organization’s entire monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting is possible through EPS so that payroll confidentiality is kept.

All of Byte's Payroll related modules are part of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Suite

BENEFITS that are essential to effective Apparel Manufacturing.
  • Separate Confidential Payrolls with separate pay cycles
  • Combined Reporting in monthly, quarterly and yearly reports using the SnapShot Features
  • Unlimited Pay History
  • Attendance Reporting