Finished Goods Inventory Control

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apparel software, piecework payroll, apparel erp, apparel inventory,
        Finished Goods Inventory Control Byte Software's Finished Goods Inventory Control (FIC) is designed to maintain perpetual inventory for both open and cased finished goods. Inventory is maintained at the Style, Color, Size, Quality level used throughout the Apparel Manufacturing Industry. This allows for real-time inventory audits and physical inventory. Finished Goods inventory management is critical to increasing output and decreasing excess inventory while bridging the gap between work-in-process and shipping finished goods. The Byte Finished Goods Inventory Software module is a must-have to successfully manage and maintain a perpetual inventory. Another integrated element of Byte's Apparel Manufacturing Software Suite .
BENEFITS that are essential to effective Apparel Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.
  • Inventory accuracy: Maintain perpetual inventory by automatically increasing inventory when exiting production and automatically decreasing inventory each time a shipment is made.
  • Aged Inventory: Cased goods inventory is automatically aged for quick accurate inventory rotation.
  • Inventory Valuation: Quick, easy month-end inventory valuation.
  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management: Maintain real-time perpetual inventory at multiple warehouses.
  • Inventory Tracking: Know who, what, when, where, and how much inventory has been changed at the click of a button.
  • Improves Inventory Management: Whether your business model is make-to-stock, make-to-order, full package, or mixed-mode, it is critical to manage finished goods inventory to ensure that orders are filled on-time and accurately.
  • Perform Physical Inventory: Create physical inventory worksheets by location for manual entry or real-time scanning.
POWERFUL AUTOMATED FUNCTIONS Byte's Finished Goods Inventory Control is designed to allow quick accurate entries either manually or remotely using wireless barcode scanners and Byte's Personal Device Launcher. When using the Personal Device Launcher, remote plants can access and manage their inventory through the Internet or intranet. If not using the Person Device Launcher to update the inventory transactions, entries can be made quickly and easily on the workstation. The power to capture and manage changes in inventory across one or many locations allows for more accurate planning and better asset management.
If inventory is kept as Cased Goods Inventory, the created date is stamped on each case allowing the inventory to be aged and rotated on a regular basis.

Inventory tracking is made easy because the system records the movement of each SKU from the time it is entered into inventory until the time it is consumed or shipped. This also allows management to who made the transaction and when the transaction was made.

Customer Order Processing
Aged Cased Goods Inventory
Counting Inventory for both Cased and Open inventory
Maintain Finished Goods Inventory at the Style, Color, Size, Quality level
Inventory Valuation
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management
Real Time Inventory Tracking
Optional module Add-ons
Real-time wireless scanning (Personal Device Launcher)
Cased Goods Inventory
Printed Documents
Physical Inventory worksheets
UCC-128 bar-code case labels (print up to five types of labels per case)