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The DNA of Full Package Manufacturing

is focused on the power of building a brand while outsourcing the production and manufacturing sectors. Purchasing raw material and finished goods that will be associated with your company requires a high trust partnership and relationship with your suppliers. Receiving shipments on time, packaged correctly and meeting quality standards is crucial.

Byte's Apparel ERP Software is essential in order to be successful in a Full Package Manufacturing model, it is necessary to have the manufacturing tools listed in th CMT Business Model in addition to knowledge and strong communication to and from contractors relative to the purchase orders. This includes quality and defect levels, on-time delivery status, production status and milestone status.

    Full Package manufacturing is the foundation of the Apparel Manufacturing Industry and require these additional tools: .
  • Production Order Tracking - for enteprise wide visibility.
    • Engage in higher information communication with vendors and contractors.
    • Name and create specific milestones for each production order.
    • Establish separate milestones for each vendor/contractor.
    • Track production orders through each phase and milestone in real-time.
    • Have vendors and contractors update the status of production and receive this information through the Internet.
    • Monitor and receive reporting on quality levels and production efficiencies in advance for critical decision-making.
  • Raw Material Inventory Control - for insuring a continous workflow.
    • Maintain a separate raw material inventory by customer down to the bin level.
    • Set Min/Max levels for specific raw material items.
    • Perform physical and cycle counts for each individual customer.
    • Produce raw material net position reports looking several weeks in advance.
    • Report back to the customer inventory levels by item.
  • Finished Goods Inventory Control - for insuring a continous workflow.
    • Inventory accuracy: Maintain perpetual inventory by automatically increasing inventory when exiting production and automatically decreasing inventory each time a shipment is made.
    • Aged Inventory: Cased goods inventory is automatically aged for quick accurate inventory rotation.
    • Inventory Valuation: Quick, easy month-end inventory valuation.
    • Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management: Maintain real-time perpetual inventory at multiple warehouses.
    • Inventory Tracking: Know who, what, when, where, and how much inventory has been changed at the click of a button.
    • Improves Inventory Management: Whether your business model is make-to-stock, make-to-order, full package, or mixed-mode, it is critical to manage finished goods inventory to ensure that orders are filled on-time and accurately.
    • Perform Physical Inventory: Create physical inventory worksheets by location for manual entry or real-time scanning.