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The DNA of Government Contract Manufacturing

is unique and is a highly competitive and volatile business model. Being able to react and provide bidding and costing information in a timely manner is essential. Contract Costing can be tedious as meticulous costing and reporting is required throughout the manufacturing process. Based on contract numbers, or order contracts, different options within the contract are awarded. It is by these options that are given as to what styles are ordered and what products need to be manufactured and delivered.

Many Government Contract Manufacturers produce goods relative to several co-existing contracts as well as several options within a contract number. Having the ability to manage multiple contracts while not putting the wrong products in an order and delivering the product on-time are critical factors. This is because Government Contract Manufacturing has many requirements and standards by which they are measured.

    BYTE's Government Contract Manufacturing Solution provides our clients:
  • Abilities to bill and hold inventories.
  • Release holds on inventory.
  • Review production by option number for coordinating contract number.
  • Statistical Quality Control by contract.
  • Manage multiple contracts.
  • Contract Cost Accounting.
  • Disseminate similar products through multiple contract orders correctly.