Custom Labels as well as Industry Standards can be a confusing process unless they are managed and integrated into a Shop Floor System that connect your process with your database and printers to print the right label at the right time in the right place on the right stock, ALL AUTOMATICALLY.
    BENEFITS That are essential to effective Shop Floor Control.
  • Bundle Tickets or Tags are loaded to the correct printer queue once the Cut is loaded to print automatically or await a manual start.
  • Care Labels are identified by Order, Style or Cut and processed by Cut as above.
  • SKU or UPC Labels can be printed by Cut as above and packed with the bundle or printed by Bundle at a designated point in the process flow.
  • Case Labels may be pre-printed by cut, or printed as they are packed with validation by weight and/or SKU as items are scanned into each case. These cases can be assigned to prdetermined inventory locations for storeage or allocated for shipment.
  • Shipping Labels are as varied as the customer base but most require an assortment of barcodes and images. These can be part of the case label or by shipment of individual cartons or pallets.
The essence of this capability is to streamline your process and tie together the various parts of your ERP or Shop Floor System for maximum efficiency using standard label stock and a variety of printers.

Byte has partnered with R T Barbee for bundle tickets, bundle tags and various labels, both standard and custom for over 30 years.