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The DNA of Make-to-Order Manufacturing's

business model is very customer centric. It is the order from the customer which begins the manufacturing process. To remain highly competitive and successful in this model the ability to reach and maintain Just in Time Manufacturing capabilities becomes crucial. This business model leaves many unknowns, unless a stable long-term contract exists; therefore it is highly important to plan for particular components and processes. Make-To-Order Manufacturing hinges on this ability in order to gain as high efficiencies and capacity utilization as possible.

Critical processes to manage for successful Make-to-Order Manufacturing include: engineering for bill of materials and bill of labor; on-time receiving of materials and supplies; on-time deliveries with high quality; and the ability to quickly initiate costing and bidding information for orders.

In using the BYTE Make-to-Order Solution, clients are able to:

  • Create costing down to the style-color-size, or SKU, level using variable components.
  • Manipulate costs and create comparable "what if" scenarios.
  • Use cost modeling to manipulate costs based on analytical data.
  • Explode a bill of materials to a cut by style-color-size for a raw materials estimate.
  • Utilize nested bill of materials which are connected to the sub-assemblies.
  • Explode a bill of labor to analyze labor costs.
  • Track and analyze production for order fulfillment and on-time delivery.
  • Manage inventory levels with attached alerts and warnings for elected min/max levels for each component.
  • Track a received purchase order through the entire manufacturing process for continued status and analytical purposes.