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The DNA of Make-to-Stock Manufacturing

is a capital sensitive business model. As raw materials and goods are purchased ahead of time and finished product is held in available inventory for projected orders, the potential for a high cost of capital increases because of potential high holding costs. If inventory levels remain too high, the risk for additional spoilage costs also increases.

Successful and competitive Make-to-Stock Manufacturers realize quick inventory turns through Just in Time Manufacturing. These companies are able to receive the raw materials needed, manufacture the desired inventory, and ship the completed purchase order in an efficient time frame, holding inventory only for the manufacturing period needed. Being able to engage in high productivity levels such as this create lower capital risk which in turn lowers all other costs associated with the inventory.

BYTE's Make-to-Stock Manufacturing Solution enables our clients to:

  • Track open finished goods (pick and pack) or cased finished goods.
  • Receive cost of goods reporting.
  • Analyze aged inventory.
  • Improve efficiencies in inventory turns by monitoring the production process.
  • Customize bar coding for cases.
  • Utilize bar codes throughout the manufacturing process and receive data wirelessly in production and labor efficiencies.

  • Manage purchasing levels of raw materials with built-in inventory level alerts.
  • Create consolidated invoicing for multiple purchase orders.
  • Track a received purchase order through the entire manufacturing process for continued status and analytical purposes.