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Product: Production Order Tracking (POT)

apparel softwear, apparel contracting, apparel sourcing, Production Order Tracking, Production Order Tracking PDF apparel softwear, apparel contracting, apparel sourcing, Production Order Tracking Designed to facilitate Global Apparel Sourcing and the Apparel Supply Chain Management, Production Order Tracking (POT) is Byte's dynamic apparel software solution that allows the user to create, view, modify, and track production orders, finished goods purchase orders, cut orders, and production cuts. Production Order Tracking is designed to calculate the estimated delivery dates of each user defined milestone based on the Production Order start date or completion date of the previous milestone, lead days, and plant capacities. This information will provide you with the needed tools to determine if an order will be delivered on time or if a recovery plan is needed. Coupled with Byte's remote access Internet launcher, remote production facilities can update their own milestones. By including Byte's Real-Time Option, Bundle Tags can be scanned using a tablet connected to the internet, automatically updating the milestones. If your company requires a flexible, style/color/size based tracking system, Production Order Tracking is for you.
That are essential to effective Apparel Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.

apparel softwear, apparel contracting, apparel sourcing, Production Order Tracking
  • On time order deliveries: Production Orders automatically calculate the estimated delivery date of the order based on the plant's capacity and the last updated milestone.
  • Know the status of an order at anytime: The order can be tracked from the time the order has been issued until the time the finished goods are put into inventory.
  • Reduces inventory management load: By planning more efficiently less finished goods inventory is needed to fill orders.
  • Reduces administrative tasks: Production Orders allows the entity that is responsible to update their own milestone through a filtered login name via the Internet.
  • Cuts administrative costs: The need for cut tracking and purchase finished good tracking personnel is minimal.
  • Proactively plan for recovery when deadlines are not on-time: If a milestone has not been turned in on-time, an effective timely recovery plan can be implemented.
  • Provides a central place to view information: The Production Order provides a central place to see the status of customer orders, raw material purchase orders, production cuts, finished good purchase orders, and updated milestone information.
  • Better control in receiving: Once the order has been shipped from the plant or contractor, a milestone can be updated to notify the warehouse of the goods to be delivered.
  • Supply Chain Management: Determine which milestones are important to your business and assign lead days, plants, and capacity to each milestone. This will allow the system to generate an accurate anticipated completion date of each of the events.
Link your business to the other entities in your supply chain to gain maximum production and delivery by including them in your business process flow. By allowing your company owned facilities and contractors to update their own milestones, you will gain faster, more accurate details on critical information that is important to you! This priceless information will allow you to deliver goods to your customers on-time, plan more efficiently, and expedite orders upon demand.