About Byte Software Solutions, LLC

BYTE provides the building blocks to superior business solutions. Just as the “byte” is the foundational base in technology data storage, BYTE provides foundational software-based solutions for our clients. Our goal at BYTE is to always exceed your expectations as we strive to provide real time information and integrated data to help you grow and manage your business.

At BYTE we understand that consistent efficiency in time and process management adds dollars to your bottom line. That’s why over the last 40 years we have developed what is today the premier shop floor productivity software for apparel, footwear, leather, mattress and furniture manufacturers. Visibility, accountability and control of your factory processes gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your employees and your processes are operating at peak efficiency and alerts you when areas need attention


BYTE offers all the tools required to control, manage and grow your company in today’s very competitive environment. BYTE's systems are scalable from small cut and sew operations to multi-plant international organizations. When you implement BYTE’s Real Time or batch mode visibility across your entire enterprise with our comprehensive software, your IT costs reduce substantially.

With hundreds of installations in 17 countries, BYTE products are available in English and Spanish. Our bilingual Support Department provides outstanding service to our partners that has long been Byte’s hallmark.

At BYTE we grow with you. We understand that your business needs are unique and so are our solutions. While our comprehensive software is fully integrated, customized solutions are available for different areas of the supply chain and for a variety of business models. We do this through our modular software solutions that enable you to expand your system as your business grows.