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Payroll Solutions

BYTE has mastered the intricacies of payroll in the complex manufacturing business space. Whether for piecework, group incentives, hourly or salaried employees in one plant, or plants around the globe, BYTE’s integrated payroll software prints checks, handles direct deposits and tracks payroll and cost history.

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  • Byte's scalable Source-to Gross Payroll System for piecework, incentive, hourly, and salary employees can be set-up to handle single plants to multi-plant central payroll configurations
  • The Gross-to-Net Payroll Option facilitates comprehensive weekly payroll processing, quarterly tax reports 941, annual tax reports W2s, executive payroll, HR and includes printing payroll checks, handles direct deposits, and keeps track of payroll and cost history.
  • Rate and Cut Management are essential element of this system and are inuitive, comprehensuve and flexible.
  • Time and Attendance is an add-on module that eliminates the need to capture or enter time for payroll calculation. IT can manage multiple shift with automatic rounding to avoid small clocking variations.
  • Byte’s Group Payroll Software allows employees to be grouped together in group departments to work as a team to build a group “pot” from which each employee’s pay is calculated based on their contribution to the “pot.”
  • Executive Pay Software System integrates gross-to-net payroll for executives and other salaried employees separately from hourly and/or production employees to ensure confidentiality
  • Human Resource Software seamlessly provides paperless payroll with all of the associated benefits.
  • Labor Cost can be reported by department, product, contract or many other classifications.
  • Production Incentive Control calculates individual and group payroll for knitting, dyeing and weaving plants that pays an incentive based on production. An additional optional module exports earnings to a third party payroll software or service.