Byte efficiency dashboard


Say goodbye to the days of spreadsheet costing and stopwatch time studies with the inaccuracy of operator performance ratings. Set fair, objective and consistent time standards using predefined data. Modsew helps improve working relationships by clearly defining all job assignments and expectations.

MODAPTS diagram


  • Enables method analysts to classify and describe each motion required to perform a given operation and set the standard allowed minutes.
  • Can be mastered in one week, compared to the usual months of training.
  • Brings consistency to rates determined by different engineers and in different plants.
  • Can be tied to pay rates for cost estimating or incentive payroll.
  • Allows fast rate changes.
  • Improves planting balancing to ensure fair loading for every employee.
  • Determines rates fast and compresses days of work into a few minutes.
  • Improves engineering productivity.
  • Accounts for every method or motion designed into the operation.
  • Can be used for line balancing.
  • Emphasizes improved productivity by spotting deviations quickly through lost efficiency reports, enabling corrections to be made.
  • Builds stronger working relationships by clearly defining all job assignments and expectations and ensures pay and performance are based on objective measures.