Byte's Factory Manufacturing Software Suite

BYTE's shop floor productivity software for Apparel, Mattress and Furniture Manufacturers is the premier solution for visibility, accountability and control of your factory processes. Real Time or batch mode visibility across your entire enterprise with only one software solution reduces your IT cost substantially.

WIP visibility provides the tools to make on time deliveries more efficiently thus freeing up resources for added production or reducing cost of good sold.

To get the beneits of an incentive payroll or have realistic load analysis or WIP tracking, you need accurate labor rates. MODSEW is a fast, low cost, intuitive way to achieve them.

BYTE tracks labor time accurately and completely by automatically matching employees’ time on the clock with actual work performed and items produced. BYTE accounts for direct time spent on work orders, indirect time spent on activities like meetings or training, as well as breaks and absences. BYTE uses sophisticated logic to correctly calculate labor time even in complicated situations such as multiple people working as a team on multiple orders. BYTE can serve as the single system tracking both time and attendance and labor to feed your payroll. BYTE can even handle incentive pay situations. Customer Order  Processing

Why have a 3rd Party time and attendance system when Byte has one with biometric validation that was designed specifically for incentive payroll, covers all bases, and cost less.

An integral part of Byte's Software Suite is a fully integrated system that employs efficient and focused data gathering and statistical analysis. Fewer defects equal happier customers and lower cost.

Customer orders can be iniated from 3rd party software or directly using a variety of options. They flow directly into work orders or cuts through WIP, quality, shipping and invoicing, reducing front office and indirect clerical cost..

Raw Material Inventory is critical to on-time deliveries. Insuring you have what you need when you need it is accomplished when Byte's MRP is intgrated with their Shop Floor Control.