Byte efficiency dashboard

Shop Floor Solutions

BYTE’s BYTETIME suite of production software can increase productivity by up to 30% and efficiency by 50% through real-time visibility: to the employees of their status and requirements: to production supervision of bottlenecks and backlogs; to management of production status and KPIs.

BYTE’s Shopfloor Control family of products is a pre-requisite for the apparel piecework payroll module. Both the Real-Time and the Batch systems manage operation, style and cut information to print bundle ticket(s) for part identification. In an Apparel Industry Magazine poll Byte’s piecework software ranked #1.

Byte shop floor production screenshot


  • BYTETIME APPs take the hassle out of keeping up with piecework payroll systems through inexpensive, off-the-shelf, Wi-Fi enabled Android Tablets.
  • Reduce non-productive time by 80%.
  • An integrated dashboard periodically measures real time key performance. Indicators (KPIs) that are understandable, meaningful, and measurable.
  • Reduce WIP and speed up throughput.
  • Byte’s Time and Attendance System manages all the day-to-day off standard exceptions found in a sewing facility.
  • Real-Time visibility of orders, cuts bundles, WIP and production at the operator, supervisor and management levels.
  • Ensure maximum compliance with established standards through Statistical Quality Control that encompasses all business models in the apparel industry including Global Sourcing.